Suhail Industrial Holding Group – The Main Supporter

Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Bin Mubarak Al Thani

The Suhail Industrial Holdings Group is a leading company in the field of industrial products, technology, and services in Qatar. It provides the most innovative industrial solutions from Qatar to the rest of the world, being a pioneer in the production of non-ferrous manufactured metals, stainless steel, and plastics.

Over the past eight years, Suhail Industrial Holdings Group has grown into a diverse industrial conglomerate, emphasizing its unique capabilities in recycling and recently acquiring valuable expertise in complex engineering manufacturing.

Since 2012, the Suhail Industrial Holdings Group has given priority to its presence in international markets in order to achieve the strategic goals of the country and the group. This priority has been realized through numerous communications and partnerships in several countries and the establishment of joint projects.

Currently, the Suhail Industrial Holdings Group manages more than 16 diversified companies in many countries around the world, in addition to Qatar, such as the United Kingdom, China, South Korea, and Ethiopia.

The group takes pride in having a production capacity for metals exceeding 100,000 tons annually and a total capacity for producing plastic materials exceeding 10,000 tons annually.

Suhail Industrial Holdings Group utilizes the latest advanced technologies in each of its various factory facilities, ensuring an efficient and environmentally friendly production process and producing high-quality products specifically designed to meet the requirements of various customers.

With the growth of the group’s capabilities in both national production and global exports, Suhail has emerged as a global industrial force.