Qatar Television – The Visual Media Partner

About Qatar TV

Qatar TV is the official state television of the State of Qatar, broadcasting from its capital, Doha. Qatar TV launched in 1970 and it broadcast in black and white. In 1974, it began broadcasting in color. In 1982, Channel 37 began broadcasting in the English language, through which it showed American and Indian series and films, as well as documentary and comedy programs. It was also broadcasting sports matches and important events live. It is noteworthy that the channel was stopped broadcasting on 7/27/2014. In 1981, a television studio, studio 4, was opened and closed 20 years later and became part of BeIN Sports Building (formerly Al Jazeera Sports). In 1998, Qatar TV began broadcasting via satellite, including Arabsat, Nilesat, and Hot Bird.

First development

In 2001, the appearance of television changed in terms of the logo, the style of programs, breaks, advertisements, etc., to keep pace with the transition to satellite broadcasting and the development taking place at that time. Qatar TV began producing historical dramas annually in Ramadan, from 2001 until 2012 with series like ‘Omar.’ In mid-2011, it was announced that a new studio for programs would be established near the TV building. The first program to be broadcast from this studio was the program ‘Al-Liwan’ during the holy month of Ramadan, after which work in the studio was stopped until it was fully equipped and officially opened, and it was handed over to the Committee for Support and Development of Television Work.

Second development

In mid-2011, a comprehensive new development for Qatar TV was announced under the sponsorship of the Committee for Support and Development of Television Work headed by Mr. Talal Al-Attiyah. Accordingly, a new building was constructed for Qatar TV – adjacent to the program studio that was built at that time – and it was equipped with the latest international broadcasting equipment. Qatar TV is considered one of the first Arab channels to include such fully modern devices and equipment. Another studio was also built inside the new building, which is intended for broadcasting news bulletins.

The new start

On Sunday 16/12/2012 at 15:30 Doha time, Qatar TV stopped broadcasting from the old building, after the news bulletin. On the same day – Sunday 16/12/2012 at 19:30 Doha time, the launch of Qatar TV with a new look and content. The channel’s logo was changed, which is considered the third change, after the Falcon and Pearl logos. New young faces also appeared on the screen for programs and news broadcasts. The channel was also broadcast in full HD 1080i and it is considered the first Gulf and Arab channel to broadcast this system without encryption.