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news, reports and analyzes in the world of economy and business.

It also helps executives and businessmen to better understand the regional and international changes that affect their decisions in the field of finance and trade.

Media and Advertising. We aim to reach out to the Qatari business elite and economists, who represent the driving force of leadership and initiative in the Qatari society. They are the focus of the business,

social and humanitarian work and focus on the local economy and international investment.

Our vision
We develop our aspirations to make them targets on the ground achieved by us of and capable to create an advanced concept of economic journalism that makes us the main reliable source of economic information in Qatar and the Gulf.

Our mission
Providing an economic press that draws on its credibility to be relied upon the reader in making his decisions and drawing up his future plans by providing him with clear visions and honest analyzes of the

events of the economic events.

The value

  • A respectable press that highlights the power of information
  • A reliable tool for decision making
  • Professional performance that develops your plans and goals
  • Future through valuable information
  • News services that analyze the economy with a professional vision

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