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Owner Name - EnglishHassad Food Company
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Aalaf Qatar Company

Hassad invested in the fodder sector over the past few years through Aalaf Qatar (a subsidiary of Hassad). Established in 2017, Aalaf produces and supplies green fodder, vitamins, and salts to the local market in suitable quantities and prices, and to support the local livestock sector.

Aalaf currently produces more than 13,000 tons annually from Alfalfa and Rhodes, through its farms in Irikkiya, A’Sailiya and A’Reffa, which span over a total land area of 10 million square meters.

The company currently has eight sales centers across the country, in which it sells its products: Semesma, Al Wakra, Irrikiya, Al Shahaniya, Al Wakra Central Market, Al Karaana, Abu Nakhla, and Al Mazrouaa’.

Strategic Grain Bunkers

In coordination with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Hassad built and operates 25 grain bunkers in the Al Wukair area. The bunkers are divided into 10 bunkers for wheat with a total storage capacity of 120,000 tons, and 15 bunkers for fodder grains, with a total storage capacity of 190,000 tons.

The total storage capacity of the 25 grain bunkers is up to 320,000 tons, built with the aim of achieving food security for the state of Qatar.

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