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Qatari German Co. for Medical Devices

QG Medical Devices is a leading manufacturer of Medical Devices in the Middle East. Headquartered in Doha, Qatar, QG Medical Devices boasts a state of the art production facility designed by reputable innovative technology providers from Germany, Switzerland and Italy. QG has proved to be a credible contender in the medical devices industry where progressive healthcare markets of uncompromising standards, such as Europe, started to rely on QG patient-centric products for superior quality. For the same reasons, QG Medical Devices is realizing rapid growth of market share worldwide


  • Q SAFE – Safety Syringes
  • Q JECT – Single Use Syringes
  • Q JECT Ultra – Unibody Insulin Syringes
  • Q FLOW – IV Cannula
  • Q NEED – Hypodermic Needles

T: +0974 44581201 | F: +0974 44581328 | M: +0974 55779172
Esales@qgmd.com | Wwww.qgmd.com

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