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Al Emadi Solar

Leading solar systems integrator and EPC company in renewable energy and in sustainable environment friendly and energy-saving technologies. AL EMADI SOLAR is qualified in commissioning solar energy projects in several applications such as: Solar PV stations, solar home systems, solar street lighting, solar water heating, solar water pumping for irrigation , solar air-conditioning and so on.

AL EMADI SOLAR has installed succesfuly several projects in the region. Whereas globally; we installed solar homes electriification systems in remot areas in Philippines. Moreover; AL EMADI SOLAR has completed succesfuly the installation of the largest solar PV roof-system at Qatar University, with addition to commissioning of solar systems for sea-beatches, tourisem resorts and other solar systems for Oil & Gas refinaries in compliance to the international standards.

In 2012, AL EMADI SOLAR become ISO certified (ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and ISO-18001) , in 2014, Austria embassy has honered AL EMADI SOLAR with the global award certificate for the sustainability in Qatar and in 2018, AL EMADI SOLAR was SME awarded by QDB as one of the best 50 companies in Qatar.

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