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As an organization that can lay claim to a rich heritage that spans over 65 years, Qatar’s Salam Group has enjoyed a consistent track record of entrepreneurship, innovation, performance, reliability and total customer satisfaction. Known today as Salam International Investment Ltd. (SIIL), the company occupies a steady position of leadership as one of the nation’s best-known, Qatari conglomerates, pursuing a highly focused approach of establishing, incorporating, acquiring, and owning enterprises.

SIIL earned the accolade of being the first company to transition from being a family-owned enterprise to a successful, public shareholding company. The company has since ventured to boldly redefine its core business to attain further efficiency and growth.

Underpinning SIIL’s success is its many activities, which are horizontally, vertically, and geographically diversified with operations spread across Qatar, the GCC and the Arab region. SIIL specializes in five lines of business – contracting, energy and industry, technology, retail & distribution, hospitality, and real estate.

Over six decades, SIIL has built on the strength and growth dynamics of the region and combined its approach with international best practice management disciplines, while effectively utilizing its regional expertise enhanced by local knowledge. In service of its shareholders and as owners of a solid real estate arm, SIIL has also strengthened its real estate portfolio, in order to provide the conglomerate with a more sustainable and secure revenue stream.

Currently, SIIL is focused on developing its core businesses more aggressively. To achieve this goal the conglomerate is propelling its investment arm forward, ensuring that it invests in sound businesses – both regional and international. SIIL is also proactively tying up with specialized businesses and partnering with them in order to grow together towards maximizing shareholder value sustainably. As a highly trusted brand SIIL’s customers trust its desiring eye for quality product offerings which in turn enables the conglomerate to grow faster with greater ease.

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