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QP to sponsor energy sector of ‘Made in Qatar 2017’


Qatar Petroleum (QP) is supporting the ‘Made in Qatar 2017’ exhibition as sponsor of the event’s energy sector.

The expo, which will be held from December 14 to 17, is organised by Qatar Chamber, in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Industry, on a 29,000sqm area at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Over 320 Qatari companies and factories and 138 productive families are expected to participate in the national event.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Qatar Chamber underscored QP’s keenness in sponsoring the expo “in the context of its serious endeavours aimed at developing the industrial sector of the country, particularly that the exhibition presents an ideal platform that brings together various industries.”

‘Made in Qatar’, the Chamber continued, also enhances the State’s efforts towards economic diversification and self-sufficiency. Qatar Chamber director-general Saleh bin Hamad al-Sharqi lauded QP’s interest in supporting the expo, “which significantly reflects its keenness in developing the Qatar’s industry sector.”

Al-Sharqi also praised QP’s role in the field of industry and in the national economy. He said QP’s sponsorship “will enrich its outcomes,” even as he assured that the expo is “a great opportunity that enables visitors to identify the development that Qatari products witness year after year, especially it is being held under the unfair siege imposed on the country.”
The exhibition aims to attract more investments in the industry sector and promote locally-made products to ease dependence on imported items, al-Sharqi said. It also encourages local companies to improve and develop their products to make Qatari products globally competitive, he added.

About QP:

Qatar Petroleum (QP) is an integrated national oil corporation (NOC) that stands at the forefront of efforts for the long term development, utilization and monetization of oil and gas resources in the State of Qatar.

A cornerstone of Qatar’s sustainable socio-economic development, QP is responsible for the sustainable development of the oil and gas industry in the country.

QP’s activities encompass the entire spectrum of the oil and gas value chain locally, regionally, and internationally, and include the exploration, refining and production, as well as the marketing and sales of oil and gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), natural gas liquids (NGL), gas to liquids (GTL) products, refined products, petrochemicals, fertilizers, steel and aluminum. As an integrated corporation, QP’s activities also include marketing and sale of oil and gas and other various products.

QP pays the utmost attention to the health and safety of its employees, contractors, visitors and the local communities where it operates. From drilling to construction, operations to decommissioning, QP’s health, safety and environment policy forms an integral part of the corporation’s daily business and long term planning.

Qatar Petroleum is committed to contribute to a better future by meeting today’s economic needs, while safeguarding our environment and resources for generations to come. Thriving on innovation and excellence, Qatar Petroleum is bound to the highest levels of sustainable human, socio-economic, and environmental development in Qatar and beyond.

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