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British Aluminium (Qatar)

The National Filters Factory is the first of its kind in the State of Qatar, at an approximate cost of ($ 5 million)

  • Specializes in the manufacture of air filters and oil filters for cars and industrial equipment
  • It is still under construction on an area of 3000 square meters in the Industrial Area / Doha. Construction is expected to be completed in December 2017.
  • Work began on the construction of the project on 1/2/2017 and we are still in the process of construction and construction
  • Production will begin in the first half of 2018.
  • The production capacity of automotive air filters is estimated at 176,087
  • 93,913 air filters for trucks and equipment
  • Air filters for industrial purposes of 13,500
  • It is expected that the production of the national plant filters will meet the needs of the local market for this type of industries because of its quality in the product and accuracy in manufacturing.
  • Equipment, machinery and materials used in manufacturing are European origin
  • The senior management has future plans that increase production, increase the type of production and diversify according to market needs such as water filters, air conditioning filters and oil filters .. And many more.
  • Moving towards our goal, which we have set in a steady pace and with the encouragement and cooperation of officials and interested in our product. Because quality is the title of our product, it is the key to gaining trust in us and our product


British Aluminium
P.O. Box: 3286
Tel.: +974 6699 7568
E-Mail. Info@british-aluminium.com
Website: www.british-aluminium.com
Contact: +974 6699 7568 – Josh Astin (Sales Manager)

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